who needs a personal chef? You do, if any of the following statements sound familiar: “I hate to cook.” “Our fridge is full of good intentions, but we just keep ordering out.” “We have three kids, two full-time jobs, and no time to think about making a big dinner.” “The person who delivers our pizza knows our kids by name and our order by heart.”

We can help!

My Very Own Chef offers personal chef services to clients in the Chicago, Illinois area. With a variety of package and pricing options, you can come home from a long day to a refrigerator full of delicious meals prepared especially for you by personal chef Melissa Vélez-Luce. Personal chef service also includes the chores of menu planning, grocery shopping, prepping, and cleaning so that sitting down to the dinner table can be a relaxing, enjoyable experience for everyone.

My Very Own Chef provides luxury service at a price you can afford, and helps you solve the question, “What should I do about dinner tonight?” Whether you are a returning customer or considering our personal chef services for the first time, be sure to check out the Fall 2008 menu. And remember, My Very Own Chef is always cooking up new ideas, so stop back soon.



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