Q: Isn’t a personal chef a bit, well, extravagant?

A: Absolutely not! Think about it: you are saving on time spent thinking about what you’ll cook for the week, writing out a long list and going to the grocery store, unloading your car, cooking dinner, and cleaning up all of the mess . Never mind the fact that most people don’t like to drive home after a long day at work anticipating an hour spent getting dinner ready and the table set! This service also tends to cut costs for people accustomed to ordering out or driving to restaurants several times a week. My Very Own Chef is the perfect solution for your busy schedule, bringing customized, healthy, home-cooked meals to the comfort of your home. Furthermore, our prices are extremely competitive for the extensive, detailed service we offer. For a reasonable cost, you get to eat restaurant-quality food at your very own dinner table!

Q: Can I order bi-weekly service, instead of weekly?

A: Yes, you can!

Q: If you’re going to the grocery store to buy ingredients for my weekly meals, can I give you the rest of my grocery list and have you complete my week’s worth of shopping so I don’t have to worry about it?

A: Sure! My Very Own Chef is happy to offer this service at a rate of $35/hour so you don’t have to worry about stopping on your way home from work or taking a precious Saturday morning to run grocery errands.

Q: I don’t have a fancy-schmancy kitchen. How are you going to cook for me?

A: My Very Own Chef brings our own pots, pans, and utensils to your home. As long as you have a tidy kitchen with a stove, an oven, and room in your refrigerator to stock the completed meals, it’s all we need!

Q: Can you explain what is involved in your pricing?

A: My Very Own Chef will come to your home for a free consultation, sitting down with you to review the menu and discuss your food likes, dislikes, and any allergies, as well as your approximate weekly grocery budget. When a contract is signed, a weekly cook date will be agreed upon that suits your schedule. My Very Own Chef will plan the menu for the week based on your selections and grocery budget, then go shopping for those ingredients on your cook date. My Very Own Chef shops with two things in mind: bargains and incomparable quality. While we want to get the best deal for your dollar, we are also committed to giving our clients the highest-quality ingredients we can find. This means that we frequent a variety of vendors, working with them to negotiate competitive prices. My Very Own Chef then drives to your home, unloads all of the groceries, sets up shop in your kitchen, and cooks for 6-8 hours. Our weekly fee includes the freezer- and oven-safe containers used to package your meals, which we stock in your refrigerator before cleaning the kitchen and returning it to the state in which it was found. You will walk in the door to a tidy kitchen, a fully stocked refrigerator, and the smell of home-cooked food wafting through your home. What could be better than that?



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